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Dale Ashing

Team: Andy's BMX Racing



Delaware, Arkansas


Dale Ashing

  • Age: 8

  • Height: 4'4"

  • Weight: 74 lbs.

  • Class: Novice

  • Started: 01/23

  • Plate Number: 558

  • Bike Mfg: Redline Proline/Flight

  • Home Track: “Bonzai” Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Racing Experience: Watching Races & Soon To Be Novice Rider

  • Mom: Julia Mills

  • Grandparents: Rhonda & David Anderson

  • Favorite Rider: Barry Nobbles

  • Favorite Series: BMX USA

  • Favorite Tracks: “Bonzai” Little Rock, Arkansas – “Hardesty” Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Favorite Sports: Racing & Baseball

  • Fans: Dale Sends A Big Hello And Thanks For Your Support!

  • History:
    Dale’s world has revolved around all types racing from his Hot Wheels, Power Wheels, Quarter Midgets, Jr. Dragster and Papa's RC Cars. In his toddler years, he liked to help work on and clean his Uncle Mason's race car. Dale is indeed fascinated with racing, besides watching the races, he always enjoys sitting in his Uncle Mason's Quarter Midget, in hopes one day, it would be his turn to sit in the driver's seat and wheel his own car to victory lane!                                             
    Dale’s mom and grandparents realized that Dale has a love and fascination of racing, so they felt the next step would be to introduce him into some form of racing. Dale will be a participating as a Novice at Bonzai located in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he will develop the necessary skills to hopefully become a future champion one day!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The love of competition was brought on through the influence and history of his family, Uncle Mason, his Papa David and Great Grandpa Buford, in which their pasts have involved many aspects of racing. Dales Great Grandpa, Buford "Smokey" Anderson introduced this to Dales Papa, David, at a young age. The love of racing and competition has not wavered throughout the years, as David introduced Dale’s mom and uncles to many forms of racing. Dale will be the fourth generation to be involved with some form of racing. During his upcoming years, he will have the opportunity to compete and fine tune his riding skills with some of the best riders in the country.


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